Want a little taste? Click here for your FREE Comfort Measures in Labor cheat sheet!

Click here for your FREE Comfort Measures in Labor cheat sheet!

Childbirth course from the comfort of your couch

Smartt Birth: Practical Tools for a Mindful Birth

This 6-week birth preparation course is the perfect blend of real-time access to me, Susan, your new birth and breastfeeding BFF, paired with comprehensive, on-demand class videos that you can watch at your leisure or all in one weekend for the ultimate birth binge … whatever floats your boat!.

This course will prepare you for the birth of your dreams … body, mind, and spirit … so that you can come through birth and meet your baby with clarity, confidence, and joy.

Register HERE to walk hand in hand with me, experienced midwife and lactation consultant, as you lay the groundwork for YOUR best birth.

Lactation Consultant visits 

  • Visits offered in home or office
  • Personalized lactation support to meet your unique breastfeeding goals
  • Create a breastfeeding game plan during pregnancy or address real time questions and concerns after baby arrives
  • Click here to inquire about insurance coverage for lactation visits
  • Call or text Susan at (423) 802-2177 for urgent breastfeeding support needs


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