Free Initial Consultation

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Comprehensive Prenatal Care

  • Visits will last thirty minutes to one hour, allowing time for assessment of mother and baby wellbeing, education, questions, and interpersonal connection
  • Emphasis on preventative care, empowering each mother to care for herself and her baby through nutrition and exercise while seeking physical, mental and emotional wellness
  • Emphasis on informed consent, providing families with resources to make the decisions that are best for them during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum
  • Lab work and referrals for ultrasounds and genetic screening as desired
  • Monthly visits until 28 weeks
  • Bi-monthly visits until 36 weeks
  • Weekly visits until birth

Labor & Birth Care

  • Homebirth, waterbirth, and birth center birth
  • On-call midwife & assistant
  • Continuous support and guidance during labor
  • Ongoing assessment of mother and baby’s wellbeing
  • Encouraging partner and family involvement as desired
  • Birthing in mother’s place and position of choice
  • Offer of continued labor support in the event of hospital transport or transfer of care

Immediate Post-Birth Care

  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Facilitate and encourage skin to skin
  • Assistance establishing breastfeeding
  • Placental assessment
  • Perineal assessment and herbal compresses to promote healing
  • Thorough newborn exam and assessment
  • Ongoing assessment of mother and baby for at least 2 hours after birth
  • Proper documentation for birth certificate, social security, and a keepsake with baby’s footprints
  • Help facilitating first meal, clean up, and laundry

Postpartum Visits for both Mother & Baby

  • 1-3 day visits at your home as needed
  • 1 week visit at your home
  • 2 week visit at the office
  • 6 week visit at the office
  • Additional visits as needed
  • Midwife availability by phone for any questions/concerns
  • These visits will include offering the newborn metabolic screening, hearing screening, and pulse oximetry screening.


The global fee for Smartt Birth Midwifery, LLC services is $3,000 and includes all prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum care. A $200 discount is offered for payment in full at the start of care, and a sliding scale is available upon request. Additional costs may include lab fees, ultrasounds and/or genetic screening if indicated or chosen, medications, birth kit, and facility fee for those choosing to birth at the birth center. Payment in full is due by 36 weeks.




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